Regio À La Carte
Erleben Sie zu jeder Jahreszeit den Schwarzwald, das Elsaß und die Schweiz in individuellen oder klassischen Fahrten in einem Luxux-Bus mit jeglichem Komfort


Welcome to Regio à la carte!
Individual, tailor-made tours and short, unforgettable trips
for leisure seekers and business travelers
with Nicole, the insider tip expert!

Discovery, Surprise... and Pure Enjoyment!
Experience the Alsace and the very best of South Baden
in a totally unique way.
Sit back and relax with a sparkling glass of Crémant
– the “Champagne of the Alsace” –
and simply enjoy the whole experience...


… appreciate individuality and are specifically looking for a small but fine tour operator
    who caters exactly to your needs and who cares about your satisfaction?

… love to discover real insider tips but just never seem to have the time to go & find
    them yourself?

... are, for example, a company and want to surprise a business partner with an
    unforgettable experience or you’re looking for a good idea for your company’s
    yearly event or outing?
… are a family, a club, a big or small group and don’t know where to go...
    or are looking for a really special idea, a wonderful setting for a celebration?


... advise & plan a completely individual tour for you with no obligation.
    All your personal wishes are considered and I reveal my special insider tips!
    (see "Insider Tips"). However, you are
more than welcome to choose something
    from my numerous fixed tours (see "Fixed Tours").

... organize everything about your tour/short trip such as the planning, itinery,
    hotel recommendation and make the cheapest possible bookings for you.

... personally chauffeur you, when the group is less than 7 people
    (see “Small Groups“). For bigger groups, I plan your tour, organize a larger bus and
    accompany you
on the journey if you’d like me to. (see “For bigger groups“).
Alsace Stork

Alsace Fisch restaurant

Colmar Small Venice

Hotel Restaurant wine route

Insider tip gourmet menu